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Global Tiger Day was launched during the last Chinese Year of the Tiger (2010), by leaders of the 13 tiger range countries and NGOs working to protect these beautiful animals from extinction.  Together, these advocates for wild tigers decided that by the next Year of the Tiger (2022), the focus should be to double their global population, which at the time was estimated to be in the region of 3200.

We are over halfway through in this ambitious plan; and while tigers have come roaring back in some areas, poachers and rampant habitat destruction are still threatening populations. 


  • With the right protection, wild tiger populations will recover
  • With the right habitat restoration, wild tigers & prey thrive
  • Through scientific study & technological advances, we now know more about tigers than we ever did
  • Tiger numbers are increasing where effective conservation takes place

This Tiger Day 2019,  do the right thing and donate to WildCats Conservation Alliance. 100% of your donation will go to these frontline projects making the biggest difference.

We tackle wildlife crime, by training and supporting Anti-Poaching Units so that they can initiate ‘Law Enforcement‘ activities, which reduce the poaching of tigers and their prey in protected areas and buffer zones. Anti-poaching units combat all forms of poaching and other threats including illegal land clearance. In Sumatra, your donations have resulted in the lowest level of tiger snares being set since 2008. In Russia, China and Thailand surveying tigers and their prey, is building a knowledge bank that informs conservation planning. In Nepal community involvement in decision making decreases human-tiger conflict.

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