Projects Archive China

Addressing Human-tiger Conflicts in Hunchun County (WCS China)

The conservation outcome of this project is more tigers remaining in the wild, and an improved attitude among local villagers toward tigers, all as a result of efficient and professional responses to human-tiger conflicts.

Monitoring Amur Leopards and Tigers in Northeast China (WCS China)

This grant helped to improve the reliability of population estimates of Amur leopards and tigers in Hunchun Nature Reserve.

Saving the Majestic Tiger – China 2010-12

IFAW is using the power of the internet to influence China’s attitude to wildlife trade.

Amur tiger conservation in China 2004 – 05

In the Spring of 2004 Tigris and WCS- China conducted the first social survey in villages inside and close to the Hunchun Reserve. The survey measured how the villagers felt about conservation issues and the reserve in general. This survey was repeated in 2005 in order to measure progress. There were significant improvements in people’s attitudes and opinions in this short period. These can be directly linked to the conservation activities that these NGO’s started in this period.