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WildCats Conservation Alliance is an initiative of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) channelling public and zoo support for wild tiger and Amur leopard conservation projects. WildCats has mobilised over £4.6m to support 103 monitoring, protection, conflict resolution, firefighting and awareness-raising projects since the year 2000.

Currently, WildCats supports projects in 5 tiger range countries within Asia. It works with implementing partners whose projects are regularly and independently reviewed providing supporters with the confidence that their money is being used effectively.  

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Setting up a camera trap

Our Objectives


Reduce key threats

To reduce the key threats to tigers and Amur leopards by addressing illegal wildlife trade, increasing the area that is protected by antipoaching activities, enabling community coexistence and mitigating conflict helping to create safe and secure habitats.

Inform conservation actions

To deepen the understanding of the population ecology of wild tigers and Amur leopards through population monitoring, wildlife health monitoring and other relevant research to inform conservation actions.

Build capacity

To create and sustain a cadre of experienced and knowledgable in country tiger and leopard conservationists through a variety of capacity development approaches.

Inspiring key stakeholders

To Inspire key stakeholders to act for wild tiger and Amur leopard conservation through education and outreach efforts to encourage collaboration and participation in conservation.

Our Strategy

Our history

Wildcats Conservation Alliance was formed at the merger of two well-respected wildlife funding programmes; 21st Century Tiger and the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) in 2018.


The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA) raised extensive funds for wild Amur leopards and tigers from 2002. It started as a coalition of 15 international and Russian NGOs that all worked to conserve the Amur leopard and tiger. Some of these raised funds and awareness and four implemented the projects in the Russian Far East and China. These were the Zoological Society of LondonWildlife Conservation SocietyPhoenix Fund and Wildlife Vets International.

You can find out about the projects in the Project Archive

21st century tiger

21st Century Tiger was established in 1997.  It contributed £2.2 million to over 159 individual proposals for 83 tiger projects in seven countries worldwide. It has had several different partners over the years, including Tusk Force and Global Tiger Patrol (1997 – 2012). 21st Century Tiger was able to give 100 percent of all donations received due to the administration costs being paid by external funds. The most recent grants from Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, which became a full partner in 2012.

You can see details of all projects in the Project Archives

Our implementing partners

We fund carefully chosen conservation projects from highly respected implementing organisations. The selected projects are scientifically valid with clear outcomes, measurable impact and effective monitoring and evaluation. See below for our current partners or click through to see who we have historically worked with.