Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection Project 2000 – 18 (FFI)

Project name:  Kerinci Seblat Sumatran Tiger Protection Project 2000 – 2018

Confiscated Sumatran tiger skin

Location:  Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia

Goal:  To maintaining a sustainable and effective species conservation program in one of Asia’s most important national parks.

Objective 1: Conduct 120 routine and intelligence-driven SMART law enforcement foot patrols in national park and park-edge forests to consolidate gains made in reducing direct threat to the Sumatran tiger since 2015 and prevent any significant resurgence in poaching threat to tiger and, through focused patrols during the fasting month of Ramadan,  contain a traditional spike in market-driven threat to tiger prey that occurs in some areas of the national park. 

Objective 2: Identify individuals posing threat to tigers in the project landscape, in particular syndicate ‘kingpins’, their networks and trade routes and secure evidence for law enforcement; monitor the illegal wildlife blackmarket to identify and counter any resurgence in trade-driven threat to tigers while managing forest-edge community information networks to secure information on suspected active threat or wildlife crime incidents for a patrol response or follow-up investigation.

Objective 3: Conduct law enforcement, in the course of TPCU patrols within the national park’s jurisdiction and partner with other government agencies to support wildlife crime law enforcement outside the national park. Following law enforcement actions, support and advance the legal process through to an appropriate judgment that offers a substantial deterrent to other wildlife criminals so further disrupting IWT networks.

Objective 4: Respond swiftly to human-tiger conflicts, where possible before livestock predation has occurred, using nationally approved procedures to protect both tigers and forest-edge community livelihoods   

Objective 5: Build support and capacity to conserve and protect wild Sumatran tiger, prey and habitat through routine formal and informal coordination with stakeholders, in particular district and provincial police, other forestry agencies and with local and national civil society to inform tiger habitat advocacy. Information sharing and collaborations with other Sumatran tiger conservation programmes including input to a 10-year Indonesia Sumatran Tiger Conservation Strategy and Action Plan and technical support for training for park rangers and other key government agency personnel to build institutional capacity to conserve tigers.

Background:  Launched in May 2000, the Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection Project is an on-going project is collaboration between Kerinci Seblat National Park (KSNP) and Fauna & Flora International (FFI).

Kerinci Seblat National Park is the second-largest national park  in Southeast Asia, covering approximately 1.35 million hectares excluding buffer zone forests. The Park is critical habitat for the endangered Sumatran tiger.

Six four-man Tiger Protection and Conservation Units are operational with each unit led by a National Park Ranger leader with ranger members drawn from forest-edge communities. Units operate under the day-to-day direction of young national park managers who report to the director of the national park.

Download all reports from the Kerinci Tiger Protection Project below: