Indonesia is one of the world’s largest archipelagos and is situated between Asia and Australia. The Indonesian island of Sumatra is the only island where you can find the Panthera tigris sumatrae (Sumatran tiger).  Today there are thought to be an estimated 400-500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild; our projects help to conserve the tiger and its habitat throughout Indonesia.

Current Projects
Kerinci Seblat tiger protection project

FFI’s on-going program aims to support the Indonesian Government’s commitment regarding protection of threatened species, particularly the critically endangered Sumatran tiger. The program is committed to maintaining a sustainable, and effective species conservation program in one of Asia’s most important national parks.

Tiger Protection Project – Auckland Zoo funded

Kerinci Seblat tigers are given a further financial boost with a grant from the Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund to support the work of Lingkar Inisiatif.

Protecting the Sumatran tiger in Bengkulu

This project aims to reduce the poaching threat to Sumatran tiger in the National Park and adjacent forests through building strong practical collaborations between local and national government, religious leaders, educators and forest-edge communities.