Want to fundraise for tigers and Amur leopards, but not sure where to start? WildCats has you covered…

Fundraising is a great way to raise crucial funds and awareness for wild tigers and Amur leopards for our Year of the Tiger 2022 campaign.

Our fundraising pack includes virtual fundraising ideas and reminders about Covid-19 safety to guide you through all the stages.

As well as giving you all the information you need about why we need your support, the guide explains:

  • How we use 100% of your donations
  • Inspiration for your own fundraising idea
  • Tips for getting started
  • What to do after the event

To say thank you, we send all our fundraisers a beautiful certificate to show our appreciation.

Want some other ideas? Take a look at our Challenge pages


What about Amur leopards?

Although it’s a special year for tigers, we are not forgetting the Amur leopards! Anyone fundraising for Amur leopard conservation can still specify that’s where they want their money to go.

Amur leopards share an overlapping range with Amur tigers in the border area of China and Russia. Numbering less than 100 individuals, they are the world’s most endangered big cat. By supporting the conservation of one of these charismatic species you are directly helping the other

Tigers have earned their stripes – earn yours too by being part of their recovery!

As an apex predator, the tiger stands as guardian of the forest and all that’s in it. Thanks to effective conservation the tiger remains a crucial component of Asia’s surviving forests. Without it, tigers would have already disappeared.

But worldwide, there are fewer than 5,000 wild tigers and more needs to be done so they can continue wearing their stripes with pride. Help us to keep wild tigers as the beating heart of the forest.

We have worked with some inspirational supporters who have taken on challenges big and small, from bake sales to scaling Kilimanjaro.  We’ll be there to help you promote your cause every step of the way.  Check out our gallery to see what awesome activities our supporters have taken on to fundraise for tigers and Amur leopards: