Northeast China is becoming ever more important for the conservation of both Amur leopards and tigers and the most important area for the expansion of the population from Russia is Hunchun Nature Reserve (HNR) which was created in 2001. A transboundary census, undertaken in 2018 showed that there are at least 47 Amur leopards in China.  In the past few years, there has been growing evidence that both species of cat are increasing and expanding westwards from HNR, to areas including Wangqing, Huangnihe and other protected areas in central Jilin Province.  There are now resident populations of both Amur tigers and leopards and there is great cooperation between the Chinese and Russian teams working on the projects aimed at protecting them.


Current Projects


Addressing Human-tiger Conflicts in Hunchun County (WCS China)

The conservation outcome of this project is more tigers remaining in the wild, and an improved attitude among local villagers toward tigers, all as a result of efficient and professional responses to human-tiger conflicts.


Monitoring Populations of Amur Leopards and Tigers in Northeast China (WCS China)

This project continues to monitor Amur leopard and tiger population numbers via camera trapping.  It will also study behaviour patterns of big cats via snow tracking, and finalize an ecological corridor study to inform TLNP management.