India is home to the largest wild tiger population in the world, the latest tiger census (2014) suggests that there are over 2,200 Indian tigers living in 49 tiger reserves.  They live in a wide range of habitats including the high-altitude, cold, coniferous Himalayan forests, the steaming mangroves of the Bangladesh Sunderbans, the swampy reedlands, the scorched hills of the Indian peninsula, the lush wet forests of Northern India and the arid forests of Rajasthan.

Current projects


Indo-Bhutan Transboundary Tiger Monitoring in Barnadi-Jomotshangkha Forest Complex

This project will study the status of tigers and habitats in the contiguous forests of Barnadi-Jomotsankha wildlife sanctuaries which straddle the border of India and Bhutan. It will help the protected area managers and the governments of India and Bhutan to strengthen tiger and habitat conservation measures in  the Transboundary Manas Conservation Area (TraMCA)