TPCU reflections – Jayendri

By 14th May 2020September 16th, 2022Blog, FFI

Last but not least, in our celebration of the dedication of the FFI/Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection & Conservation Unit (TPCU) team, and sharing members of the TPCU reflections on COVID 19 around Kerinci Seblat and its impacts. Here is Jayendri in his own words.


Jayendri joined the team as a ranger in 2002 when the third Jambi-based TPCU was formed. From one of the oldest traditional villages in Kerinci, he now manages the programme’s SMART database and reporting systems.

The PHS team outside national park headquarters in Sungaipenuh, Kerinci Jayendri standing, 4th from left, back row © KSNP/FFI

“The Corona virus is hitting big towns hardest and it is maybe causing problems for wildlife traders in cities and towns but it is not stopping poaching. The people who hunt tigers and deer mostly live in villages and, in our villages, things are pretty normal, it’s not like in the cities or big towns. The shops in our market town are very quiet and you can’t eat in restaurants but the hunters are still going to the forest. They’re just like normal. Go to the forest to set snares? Yes, of course.”