In late March, illegal loggers who had set up camp in the Merangin District of Kerinci Seblat National Park were given 36 hours notice to quit before the local police assisted by the Tiger Protection and Conservation Units (TPCU) and other local officials moved in to destroy 37 temporary dwellings on the edge of the Park.

According to our sources, the encroachers were given money and transport to get back to their families and all left without any resistance.

Illegal logging and encroachment are constant issues in areas where government officials either turn a blind eye or are unable to react quickly enough before damage is done. It is heartening to hear that in the instance, this successful joint operation is to be followed by a forest restoration plan.

Three weeks later, 3 people were arrested by a joint team of Kerinci Police and the Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS) and the TPCU for illegal logging in the foothills of Mount Kerinci.Illegal loggers arrested © FFI/TNKS 2018