Support for Udege National Park 2010

In 2009, Phoenix began supporting the federal-level Udege Legend National Park as part of the funding through the Western Wildlife Managers Team. Emergency funds were also provided to this region after it was badly hit by heavy snowfalls in early 2009. This year support continues through this new project.

The 88,600 ha national park was created in June 2007 in the north-east of Primorye with the purpose of conserving the practically virgin taiga forests, and the unique lifestyle and culture of the Udege people, local aborigines few in number. A census conducted in the Udege Legend National Park showed that there are at least seven tigers (including three females, one of them with two cubs) more or less permanently residing in the Park itself or migrating to and from the adjacent areas.

This project aims to strengthen anti-poaching and habitat protection activities in Udege Legend National Park through conducting regular patrols, supplying rangers with fuel and spare parts as the Federal Government does not yet allocate enough funds for the Park to work in full force and in the most efficient way.

This project is fully-funded by Kolmarden Fundraising Foundation.