Anti-Poaching Activities in Northern Primorye 2011-2012

Since its establishment in 1998, the Phoenix Fund, Russian environmental NGO, has been supporting anti-poaching activities in Primorsky and Khabarovsky krais, situated in the Russian Far East. Also known as Primorye, this area includes the most biologically diverse and unique ecosystems in all of Russia, retaining the last populations of wild Amur (Siberian) tigers Panthera tigris altaica and Amur leopards  Panthera pardus orientalis (only approximately 30 remain in the wild). This project continues to conserve the rare and endangered Amur tiger.

The insatiable demand for tiger parts is the major driving force behind poaching, but the erosion of habitats, increasing human-tiger conflicts and illegal hunting of tiger prey are all having a terrible impact. This project aimed to conserve the rare and endangered Amur tiger, its habitat and prey through strengthening the capacity of the four protected areas. This was achieved through:

  • Providing funds for fuel, spare and repair parts and field equipment.
  • Improving protection activities in four PAs through introducing MIST.
  • Raising people’s awareness about the state of Amur tiger population through holding nature-oriented events, such as eco-lessons, exhibitions, contests, environmental Tiger Day Festivals and education activities.

Since its establishment in 1998, Phoenix has been carrying out nature conservation projects in the southern Russian Far East and has grown into one of the leading NGOs in Primorye. The NGO has been recognised internationally, including the Whitley Award 2006 to Phoenix’s Director Sergei Bereznuk.

This project was fully-funded by Dreamworld