Throughout the years, the Olenevod deer farm in the Khasan region of Russia, which farms deer for the velvet that can be produced from the antlers, has been in close contact with Amur leopards that live on the perimeter of the farm. Camera traps on the boundary of the farm have recently caught Sophie and her cub lingering in the area. With the Amur leopards being so close to the farm, the deer are easy kills for the Amur leopard that dwell in the area. Several deer killed in a month can have a severe negative economic effect on the farmer losing part of the herd to Amur leopards.

Since 1999, Phoenix Fund has been compensating the farmers in the region that are losing their deer to Amur leopards resident in the area. Famers, who have therefore lost income due to the Amur leopard, hunt them to prevent further loss of the herd. To stop the illegal hunting of Amur leopards and the human and animal conflict, Phoenix Fund initiated a compensation plan for the farmers, to prevent them hunting the Amur leopards that are pursuing their deer. With proof of Sophie and her cub nearby, Alexander Khudenko, who is the owner of the Olenevod deer farm, is compensated with $500 every month. This compensation is given to the owner for the damage that is caused by the leopards. The compensation plan provided by the Phoenix Fund is essential to the survival of the Amur leopard. With the farmers being compensated for the loss of deer in their farms, the need to kill the Amur leopard responsible is removed, therefore ensuring their survival.