Amur leopard population 2018

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Great news for the wild Amur leopard population 2018!

WildCats is proud to share news from Russia where for the first time in decades Amur leopards are now thought to number more than 100. In the 1980’s rapid industrialisation in Vladivostok, and heavily depleted prey between the Russia-China borders meant Amur leopard populations had dwindled to a small, vulnerable population of ~35 individuals.  

This population growth and stabilisation is a direct result of all the hard work being done collaboratively by a number of organisations to monitor and protect these animals, and the tougher laws that have been implemented to combat wildlife crime. Thank you for your support and donations which have also contributed!

As reported here in the Siberian Times, staff in Land of the Leopard National Park are celebrating the results of its 2017 camera trapping census, which showed 84 adult Amur leopards,  7 adolescent big cats and 12 cubs.  Sharing of data with Chinese NGO partners has allowed significantly more accurate data, as conservationists can be sure there is no double counting of transient individuals. 

With breeding pairs of leopards now also resident in northeast China, the future is looking brighter for this iconic, Critically Endangered big cat.

It is important not to become complacent about this growth.  Amur leopard reintroduction, using managed populations from zoos, is still a necessary intervention to create a second source population in the Russian Far East to ensure a diverse and healthy population for generations to come.  

While still considered the most endangered big cat on the planet – this news shows why it is important we continue to fight for their survival.  Check out our Amur Leopard supporter packs, or find out how to fundraise if you want to do your bit!


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