WCS monitoring in the Russian Far East – report update

By 10th September 2019News

Photo © Land of the Leopard National Park/WCS

The Wildlife Conservation Society in Russia (ANO WCS) is continuing its work monitoring the Amur leopards and tigers in southwest Primorye, including the Nezhinoe and Northern sectors of the Land of the Leopard National Park (LLNP). 

The interim report provides an update on the survey work undertaken so far this year. See the key achievements:

  • The survey included 116 cameras placed at 58 locations.  On average cameras were in operation for 118 days, or 10,651 trap days in total. Unfortunately, 14 cameras were stolen.
  • Of the 6,988 images collected, 2,202 photos of leopards and 559 photos of tigers. Badger and hare the most commonly caught other species. The data will be analysed in the autumn. 
  • At the recent International Forum on Tiger and Leopard Transboundary Conservation, held in Harbin in July 2019, options to develop more stable joint population estimates by combining data from LLNP and the new Northeast China Tiger Leopard National Park were discussed. This will hopefully lead to steady exchange of information and allow for statistically-rigorous yearly estimates of the global population of Amur leopards and the Changbaishan population of Amur tigers.