Inspiring Wildlife Warriors

By 2nd March 2021News

Two years ago a group of girls in Poolesville, Maryland USA decided that they wanted to start raising money to help save endangered species.  They did research on which animals were in greatest need and as a group, voted on which animals they would help.  The group was able to hold bake sales and participate in a local town-wide festival called Poolesville Day. There they sold baked goods, crafts and distributed educational material on endangered species.  

When COVID hit the girls were not able to meet up or hold bake sales and the group had to pause their activities.  Very discouraged, they tried to think of other ways they could still raise money.  In December, to raise money for Amur leopards, the group advertised holiday cookie boxes for sale.  All bakers agreed on different cookie flavours and coordinated socially distant drop-offs. The cookies were then boxed and delivered locally – they raised $500. The town raved about the cookie boxes and some asked the group for more.  So for Valentine‚Äôs Day the group again advertised and this time they sold 50 boxes of cookies.  They raised over $850!  

Thank you Wildlife Warriors!


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