Two arrests following tiger execution in Myanmar

By 16th September 2021News

Two men were arrested after they are found with skin and bones from a tiger poached in Myanmar.

Two males have been found in possession of a tiger skin and a bag of tiger bones weighing 3 kg. The accused admitted taking the tiger remains from Myanmar to prepare for distribution. It is yet to be ascertained whether they were also directly involved in the hunting and dismembering of the tiger.

Investigators at Suan Phueng police station qith the tiger remains. ©Matichon

Investigators at Suan Phueng police station with the tiger remains. ©Matichon

The investigation

Experts have been carefully performing an autopsy on the remains. They have determined the tiger is a young male of 6-12 months based on the presence of his milk teeth. It is highly unlikely the tiger had permanently left his mother as cubs are not equipped to hunt until 18 months old. He was deprived of the opportunity to establish his own territory, land his first successful hunt and pass his genetics on to the next generation of tigers.

Further examination of the tiger found evidence of a bullet fired directly into the skull and the skilled use of a knife to skin and remove the bones from the tiger. The young male, measuring 176cm in length, had been preserved through salting and sun drying. The execution-style killing and preservation technique demonstrates the involvement of an extremely experienced poacher, likely to have been involved with other tiger deaths. The accused are being held for questioning and are expected to face charges in relation to the possession of protected wildlife. The penalty for such crimes may include imprisonment of up to 5 years and/or a fine up to 500,000 Baht (over 10k GBP / 12k Euro / 15k USD).

Home to a population of approximately only 100 tigers, the theft of another life is a raid on Myanmar’s ecosystem. WildCats joins the conservation community in mourning the premature end of this tiger’s dynasty in the forests of Myanmar.

The tiger remains. ©Matichon

The tiger remains. ©Matichon

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