Zoo Conservation

By 31st May 2023News

Zoo conservation efforts take many forms, including holding animals in managed global populations to preserve the genetic diversity of endangered species. Zoos also work locally to preserve wild native species, and internationally to collaborate on in-country field programmes.  They also collaborate with international funds such as WildCats Conservation to pool financial contributions for a greater impact.

On average 75% of WildCats annual income derives from the zoo community.  Some of these are major gifts, like the recent donations from Wellington Zoo in collaboration with Nexgard Spectra, and Walter Zoo in Switzerland.   (Visit our ‘Zoo Support‘ pages to see our Top Ten zoo donors so far!) Other donors are smaller institutions but are equally valued as by pooling these donations together, WildCats has a much greater impact.

WildCats would like to recognise all of the amazing zoo conservation contributions to wild tiger and Amur leopard projects so far in 2023.

Sumatran tiger with green blurred background