Conservation Zoos

By 13th March 2024News

It’s only March and 2024 has got off to a roaring start!  19 progressive zoos have already contributed over £121,000 to our funds for wild tiger and Amur leopard conservation since the beginning of January.  And it’s not only the ethos of the zoos but their visitor’s desire to support species conservation that really makes the difference. 

So a huge thank you to those zoos such as Walter Zoo, Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Garden, Odense Zoo and Dreamworld who have made large contributions (you can see them on our Top Ten list) and also to those whose smaller contributions, when pooled together make a great impact. Take a look at the alphabetical list of zoo donors so far in 2024 and check out if your local zoo has contributed yet!

  • Arizona Center for Nature
  • Cincinnati Zoo
  • Dreamworld
  • Dublin Zoo
  • Emerald Park
  • Ft Wayne Children’s Zoo
  • Hamerton Zoological Park
  • Knowsley Safari Park
  • Parco Zoo Punto Verde
  • Manor Wildlife Park
  • Odense Zoo
  • Parco Natura Viva (ARCA)
  • Bioparco di Roma
  • Zoo des Sables D’Olonne
  • Wilhelma Zoo & Botanical Gardens
  • Taipei Zoo
  • Walter Zoo
  • Wellington Zoo Trust
  • West Midlands Safari Park
  • Woburn Safari Park

Thank you!