Kerinci-Seblat Tiger Protection and Conservation 2007-2012

This project was funded by Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation

Kerinci- Seblat National Park covers a total of just under 14,000 sq kms (excluding buffer-zone forests, some of which are also important tiger habitat) of tropical rainforest extending across parts of four provinces of central Sumatra.

This project commenced in May 2000 when Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Kerinci launched the Kerinci-Seblat Tiger Protection and Conservation Program (PHS) in partnership with  National Park Authority. The program has since become the most active tiger protection program in South East Asia with a total of five Tiger Protection & Conservation Units active and in the field working out of four base camps around the national park.
The objective is to secure the long-term conservation of wild Sumatran tigers,  through controlling the poaching of tiger and prey, habitat loss and through effective mitigation of human-tiger conflict.
This is done by raising the ability of the forestry department and others to tackle tiger and other wildlife crime and winning the support of forest-edge communities and local governments for conservation of  tigers and their habitat.

FFI are aiding local NGO campaigning and lobby for conservation of the national park. Especially the tiger rich buffer-zone forests which are being threatened by clearance for palm oil. Businesses seek to cash in on demand for oil-palm derived Biofuel and against proposals for roads building through the national park which would cause further catastrophic fragmentation and give access to key tiger populations in national park core zones.