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Parsa National Park – Promoting human-tiger coexistence to secure the future of Bengal tigers

This project is a continuation of previous projects funded by WildCats Conservation Alliance based in and around Parsa National Park (PNP). Bengal tiger population growth in PNP has contributed to the 30% increase in Nepal’s tiger population in the last four years. ZSL has been working to secure Parsa’s tiger population as a future source population by supporting the implementation of evidence-based conservation measures. Proper management of connectivity and corridors to benefit both humans and tigers is essential to promote human-tiger co-existence.

Parsa National Park – the saviour of tigers

Work is being carried out to improve habitat through grassland management and water access in the extension area of Parsa National Park, which will contribute to supporting the increasing number of tiger and prey populations.

Securing the future of Tigers: Tigers beyond protected area networks (ZSL Nepal)

This project will carry out robust biological and habitat monitoring to inform conservation management of the landscape to the east of PNP. ZSL will also work with local communities to generate support for tiger conservation in the landscape through effective awareness campaigns and build a knowledge base for the participatory design of strategies to mitigate human-tiger conflict that will increasingly arise.

PACCT for Tiger Conservation: Reducing Resource-competition Between People and Tigers (ZSL Nepal)

A new project from ZSL trialing ‘Participatory Approaches to Corridor-Coexistence with Tigers’, reducing human-tiger conflict situation for communities living in the buffer zones of Parsa National Park.

Building a tiger stronghold in Parsa National Park and its buffer zone

The Parsa National Park has recently been upgraded from a Wildlife Reserve.  This Zoological Society of London project will enable PNP management to effectively monitor and protect tigers within one of the most important tiger recovery sites in Nepal.

Habitat Suitability Assessment for Tiger in Trijuga Forest, East Nepal

This project from Himalayan Nature will carry out a habitat assessment of Trijuga Forest, in eastern Nepal a key biodiversity area and potential tiger habitat for animals dispersing along the Terai.