It’s going to be a very different Christmas this year so let’s make it a Wild Cats Christmas!

 Be a part of the movement helping to save wild tigers and Amur leopards and their precious habitats.


Wildlife needs your help, now more than ever.

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Whilst COVID-19 is causing untold tragedy across the world in 2020 with an uncertain economic time ahead, wild cat conservation has continued with little respite and WildCats has continued to support it.

  •  When WildCats fund protection activities for the patrol teams in Sumatra, Russia and Thailand it reduces the pressure on habitats. It’s not just the poaching of tigers and Amur leopards that patrol team halt, its also the poaching of deer and other prey animals, the illegal loggers, miners, encroachers and farmers.
  • When WildCats fund Freeland‘s activities in Thailand, we are enhancing the skills of the National Park rangers in Khao Laem National Park so that they can monitor their own forests with camera traps and learn to analyse the data to better understand their tigers.
  • When WCS in China receives their grant to monitor Amur leopards in Hunchun Nature Reserve, they are developing an understanding of the population of leopards in the border area with Russia and that tells whether conservation in the region is working.
  • When villagers in Nepal see the giant billboard that ZSL has erected explaining about how conserving the tiger can help their lives, they are more likely to help save it.
How can we use your donation?


  • £7 – The cost of daily rations per Russian ranger
  • £13 – Will buy six AA Lithium batteries for each camera 
  • £25 – lightweight boots
  • £25 – Will buy one metal protection box for a camera trap in Thailand    
  • £54 – Will pay for field subsistence (food in camp) in Sumatra for one patrol team
  • £62 – One summer uniform 
  • £92 – One winterweight sleeping bag in Russia
  • £100 – Will buy a medical kit for the field team in Nepal
  • £242 – Is the cost of a Garmin GPS unit in Russia to record locations
  • £600 – Will pay for fuel, repairs & Road Tax for a field vehicle for 12 months

Other ways to donate to Wild Cats Christmas

If you’d prefer not to make your donation online, these are some other ways you can donate to wild cat conservation with us:

Credit or Debit Card or Direct Debit donations can be taken over the phone at +44 (0)344 2551826 and giving WildCats Conservation Alliance and choosing TIG or AMU as your option*

Direct Transfer make a payment directly to our bank, in UK Sterling, Euro or US Dollars – request our account details here

Donating to tiger conservation from USA? Find out more about tax breaks.

If you are a UK taxpayer we can reclaim an extra 25 pence from the Inland Revenue for every pound you give through Gift Aid.

*Donate to AMU and your donation will go to conservation projects in Russia and China.
  Donate to TIG and your donation will go to conservation projects in Sumatra, Nepal, Thailand or India.