Tiger Ambulance makes its debut rescue mission

By 15th February 2018September 5th, 2018Blog, News, PRNCO

This purpose built military truck, converted into a Tiger Ambulance has just rescued its first wild Amur tiger

WildCats Conservation Alliance was proud to contribute to the equipping of a Russian military “KAMAZ” truck in 2017.  This Wildlife Ambulance, will become a critical tool for conservationists and vets working in the harsh terrain of the Russian Far East.

The Ambulance is now equipped with a special operating table, transport cage, a lift for large animals, as well as climate control, running water and a room for employees.   While the truck has been designed to provide veterinary care for conflict Amur tigers and leopards; it will be able to provide emergency care for any other animals in trouble.

On the 5th February 2018, a young tigress was picked up by the mobile unit in the Ussuri region.  She had been displaying abnormal behaviour, predating on stray dogs close to the village of Alexey-Nikololoe.  This type of behaviour, if not dealt with swiftly can lead to serious human-wildlife conflict.

A decision was made to locate and pick up this young animal before any problems arose.  

Now in quarantine at the PRNCO Tiger Center* in Alekseevka, she will be consistently monitored using remote cameras till experts can identify the reasons for her unusual behaviour and to ensure she will be able to return to the wild. 

Experts seem hopeful with her progress so far, introducing her to a more typical ungulate prey which she managed to hunt with no problems.  

* PRNCO operates thanks to grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Foundation for Presidential Grants, as well as with donations from a number of NGOs, private individuals and WildCats Conservation Alliance donors.  

WildCats would like to thank Zoom Tourino for their 2016 donation of €10000 that contributed to this vital work.