Mitigating human–wildlife conflict and monitoring endangered tigers using a real-time camera-based alert system

By 3rd October 2023Conservation Papers


The recovery of wild tigers in India and Nepal is a remarkable conservation achievement, but it sets the stage for increased human–wildlife conflict where parks are limited in size and where tigers reside outside reserves. We deployed an innovative technology, the TrailGuard AI camera-alert system, which runs on-the-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to detect tigers and poachers and transmit real-time images to designated authorities responsible for managing prominent tiger landscapes in India. We successfully captured and transmitted the first images of tigers using cameras with embedded AI and detected poachers. Notifications of tiger images were received in real-time, approximately 30 seconds from camera trigger to appearing in a smartphone app. We review use cases of this AI-based real-time alert system for managers and local communities and suggest how the system could help monitor tigers and other endangered species, detect poaching, and provide early warnings for human–wildlife conflict.

The TrailGuard AI camera system

The TrailGuard AI camera system

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