Amur Tiger Conservation in 2010

Primorye in the South of the Russian Far East represents the only area in the world where both Amur tigers and leopards still exist in the wild. In spite of a relative stabilisation of the tiger numbers, the striped predators still face many threats such as poaching, habitat destruction, prey depletion and others. To strengthen conservation of the Amur tigers, their habitat and prey and ensure long-term survival of the tigers in Primorye, Russian Far East, the Phoenix Fund is running a project that combines rehabilitation of wild tigers, rescued during tiger-human conflict investigation, and ecological education and outreach activities in Amur tiger habitat.  

Activities carried out included:

  • Tiger Day Festivals in Terney, Lazo and Kirovka towns.In September 2000, the Phoenix Fund organized the first Tiger Day Festival in Vladivostok where just a few residents dressed up as tigers and endangered wildlife to highlight the problems they faced. Within a year ‘Tiger Day’ had developed into a wonderful autumn festival that is celebrated across the country, from Moscow to Vladivostok. The festivals attract people’s attention to wildlife conservation’s most burning issues through theatrical performances, games and concerts as well as giving them an opportunity to form their regions wildlife future.

  • Rehabilitation of injured, orphaned or sick wild tigers;
  • Ecological education and outreach activities in Terney, Lazo and Kirovka towns