Environmental Education as a Means To Conserve the Amur tiger 2011-12

This Phoenix Fund project is an intensive tiger education and outreach programme compromising in-school and outdoor activities. The project is situated in the Primorsky region of the Russian Far East with the main focus of activities in the Krasnoarmesiky district where Udege Legend National Park was established three years ago.  The town of Novopokrovka hosts the Tiger Day Festival, a traditional event for many families as a way to celebrate big cats.

It is imperative that local people attitudes are positive toward the tiger as the Russian Far East is the only area in the world where Amur tigers still exist in the wild.

Phoenix Fund aims to ensure the survival of the Amur tiger in Krasnoarmeisky district of Primorye region through:  

  • Conducting ecological education and outreach activities in Krasnoarmeisky district;
  • Raising teachers’ knowledge and professional skills;
  • Gaining support from the local people through organising Tiger Day Festival in Novopokrovka town.