The WCS Siberian Tiger Project focuses on the continued strong, scientific effort at understanding the ecology of this northernmost population of tigers. 

The project is conducting a two-pronged effort of field research and conservation action. 

  •  Radio-collaring and monitoring tigers to define tiger predation rates and how they vary dependent on a host of variables, while at the same time deploy a tiger response team to intervene as the
  •  Deploy a tiger response team to intervene as the tigers move into situations where conflicts with humans are likely to arise.

The staff of the Project work closely with the State Inspection Tiger Response Team. Together, they work to resolve conflict situations, to demonstrate a concern for the welfare of people living in proximity to tigers, and to provide an alternative to killing problem animals.

There were seven situations when Inspection Tiger requested WCS assistance during the report period, but use of scare tactics or aversive conditioning was not appropriate in any of the conflicts. Interestingly, five of the seven conflicts occurred between May and September, while the remaining two occurred in winter.