Doodles with my daughter

By 15th August 2018News

Many members of the public like to use Global Tiger Day as a focus to do something for the wildlife they love. Here is the story of one mother, artist Diana, who uses art to teach her 4-year-old daughter about conservation. Diana enjoyed it so much that she started the website Doodleswithmydaughter.co.uk®. 

As Diana says “Once a child is able to hold a crayon, it’s the optimum time to show them how incredible our natural world is, and how maintaining its wonder should be a priority; that way, future generations will grow up with conservation in mind”

Diana’s tiger picture tells the story of logging in tiger habitat with heart trees coloured in by her daughter.

© Diana Littlejohn

Diana sells her prints to raise money for conservation projects such as WildCats.


Diana’s sketch of the tiger was meant to be just that; a sketch, but then she decided the name it ‘Eye of the Tiger’ so coloured in ‘Flower’s eyes to make them more prominent. A little pink was then added to Flower’s nose to offset her eyes. It’s in no way meant to be a white tiger of which we know are not a real subspecies but are derived from inbreeding a genetic mutation. Her little daughter added more colour to the sketch by drawing and colouring in heart-shaped trees to show tigers how much we love and care about them.