Suitable habitat for tigers?

By 13th September 2018September 20th, 2018News

If wild tiger populations are to increase, they need suitable habitat into which they can disperse and establish new territories. In Nepal, when success stories such as the Chitwan-Parsa complex report of increasing tiger numbers, where do these tigers go in this increasingly human-dominated landscape?


This project is looking at the Trijuga Forest in East Nepal, around 250km along the line of the Shivalik Hills from Chitwan, where there is large forest patch of around 444 km2. It has conducted surveys on vegetation, prey species diversity and abundance, threats to local biodiversity, drainage and water sources and local people’s dependency on the forest. Using the information gathered, they will be able to identify critical areas of improvement and recommend future actions.

The first part of this field project, funded by WildCats, has taken place and the next stage, the data analysis will produce a report to the government on the recommendations.

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