Counting Tigers in the Russian Far East

By 30th October 2018Blog, ZSL Russia



Counting Tigers in the Russian Far East

The Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL’s) ‘Amur tiger conservation project in Lazovsky Zapovednik and Adjacent Areas’, has achieved several successes over the past years thanks to generous support from WildCats Conservation Alliance.

Its overall project goal was to develop a holistic programme for tiger conservation in the Lazovsky Zapovednik (LZ),  Zov Tigra National Park (ZT), and adjacent areas which include Hunting Lease land. The above film provides a summary of progress from February to July 2018.

Population monitoring results for 2018 reveal slightly fewer adult tigers but good reproduction in the area.  This will shape future focus of the project which will continue to focus on anti-poaching efforts and address other threats that become apparent, e.g. wildlife, in protected areas and, in turn, increase tiger and prey numbers, verified by effective monitoring results.

The success of ZSL Russia conservation activities will ensure a source population of tigers for dispersal into adjacent unprotected areas which currently are home to far fewer tigers than the survey area.

tiger photos
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