Monitoring Amur leopards in LLNP

By 13th May 2019June 15th, 2023Amur leopard, News

WCS Russia carried out population monitoring of Amur leopards in the Nezhino and Northern sectors of Land of the Leopard National Park (LLNP) during 2018 and findings have been published in a recent report to WildCats Conservation Alliance.

The results of the camera trap survey show the highest number of leopards so far (29 cats) and are a reflection of nearly a decade of significant improvements to anti-poaching efforts at LLNP. With monitoring data, WCS points to rising leopard numbers as evidence that SMART anti-poaching efforts are being reflected in the big cat populations.

The report also suggests that higher Relative Index of Abundance for sika deer in Land of the Leopard National Park, compared to the other ungulate species suggests that the
prey biomass is likely high in this park and works in tandem with improved protection to support growing leopard numbers.

You can read the report here (redacted for security)

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