Leo 131M rehabilitation update

By 10th September 2019September 12th, 2019News

© МРОО “Центр “Тигр” / TRNGO “Center “Tiger”

Update on Leo 131M: Remember the Amur leopard that we mentioned in July who had been taken into rehabilitation by PRNCO Tiger Center (TRNGO) in the Russian Far East? Found in a poor condition the team worked hard to stabilise his condition and last week, a veterinary check was carried out. The tests showed that he still has some nerve damage and although the experts expect his condition to continue to improve the injuries he sustained will impact on the life of this precious cat. In October/November the team will decide whether he is healthy enough to be returned to the wild. We’ve got our fingers crossed!

Your donations to the WildCats Amur fund helped refurbish the mobile veterinary clinic in 2018 for PRNCO (TRNGO) and provide it with a portable x-ray machine in 2017. Thank you!