Phoenix Fund improving efficency of anti-poaching

By 10th September 2019September 15th, 2022News, Phoenix Fund

Phoenix Fund is stabilising Amur tiger and Amur leopard populations by improving the efficiency of anti-poaching efforts in five protected areas (PAs) and conducting environmental education activities.

Its recent interim report covers a great deal of activities from the past six months so here are some of the key achievements:

  • Anti-poaching teams in five PAs revealed 165 violations, including four poaching incidents (poachers were detained with firearms, no animals were killed). Most violations were associated with illegal entry to the protected areas. Three criminal investigations were initiated by the police. Four rifles confiscated.
  • SMART monitoring is being implemented for the first time in Bikin National Park. Phoenix provided satellite phones for the anti-poaching teams patrolling in remote areas with no cellphone network, conducted a data collection training workshop for 35 rangers and hunting managers of the Bikin NP. Fuel was provided to patrol the territory and rangers were trained to install camera traps to detect movement of illegal loggers and poachers.
  • Phoenix Fund and WCS held six feedback meetings with PA management staff and rangers to discuss patrol results and options for improvement.
  • The annual workshop for educators held with 36 educators and outreach specialists attending and 1000 copies of a teacher’s guide have been published.
  • Phoenix assisted the educators working in administrative districts of Primorye, namely Pozharsky, Khasansky, and Terneisky, and in Vladivostok city. During this period the teachers gave 415 lessons and nature-oriented events for 6,335 children, plus 35 drama lessons were given at the Eco-Theatre in Vladivostok and five theatrical eco-performances were staged.
  • The 14th annual art contest was held with the purpose of promoting a respectful attitude towards the Amur tiger and leopard at a young age. 1,405 children between 5 and 18 years of age contributed. The best will be included in the 2020 wall calendar.

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Rangers in Bikin National Park © Phoenix Fund

Entry into the art competition 2019 © Phoenix Fund