Update from Khao Laem National Park

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An update from Freeland tells of the work being carried out in Khao Laem National Park in Thailand.

  1. Improve the ability of  KNLP to lead and manage camera-trap based tiger surveys.

This objective is being monitored by collating information from several key indicators and comparing them. A key part of this project is to establish baseline data in both surveys and SMART monitoring.

The first of three camera trap surveys over 126 nights  recorded only one tiger despite the previously recorded 5 individuals was recorded. Some initial theories consider seasonality (was a very dry season), fires, or other anthropogenic disturbance such as poachers. Five tiger prey species were recorded, including Red Muntjac, Fea’s Muntjac, Serow, Gaur, Wild Boar (notably sambar deer were not recorded).

  1. Improve park capacity to conduct patrol-based monitoring.

From information gleaned during Smart Patrol Monthly Meetings all 8 patrol teams are more interested in patrolling now they have a clearer understood of what data should be collected. They also now know how to identify threats and have improved they identification of wildlife track and sign. During this time 8 patrol teams carried out 185 Patrols over the course of 663 days covering distance of 6,841.14 km2. (This compares to 154 Patrols over 503 days covering a distance of 7,378.32 km2 in 2018.)

Data collected showed 8 encroachment cases, 9 logging cases, 4 poaching offences.

You can read more about this project here

Khao Laem National Park © Freeland

Camera trap training © Freeland

Camera trap training © Freeland