Korkeasaari Top Zoo Donor – They smashed it!

By 13th January 2020News

In September last year, we reported on the Night of the Cats (Kissojen Yö in Finnish) at Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki.  This annual event is a celebration of all things cat, especially the Amur tigers and Amur leopards of the Russian Far East and northeast China. 

On the last day of 2019, we received an amazing €102.207 from the Zoo and Friends of the Zoo which has smashed their previous donation and put them soundly at the head of our list of top zoo donors of 2019. To date, Korkeasaari Zoo has donated over €452,000 which is a phenomenal achievement.  It means we can provide even more support to projects protecting these big cats in the wild.

Thank you Korkeasaari!

Picture by: Annika Sorjonen (2019)
Korkeasaari Zoo Top Zoo Donor