Tiger snare patrol is still conducted

By 24th April 2020May 12th, 2020Blog

In the next of our blogs from the field Iswadi, from the Lingkar Institute writes that the threat to tigers is still apparent in the Bengkulu forests south of Kerinci Seblat National Park on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Although Covid-19 Pandemic, Tiger Snare Patrol is Still Conducted

BENGKULU – Lingkar Institute continued to patrol Sumatran tiger snare in Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province in April 2020. Patrol was carried out despite the threat of covid-19 attack on a number of areas in Indonesia, including in Bengkulu Province.

Dismantling a prey snare © Lingkar Institute

As usual, the patrol was by volunteers who cleaned Sumatran tiger snares in “Bukit Daun” area, protected forest. On the patrol, the team found a prey trap. The prey snares were destroyed and evidence was brought in for the report. The patrol is carried out for five days.

The threat of covid-19 outbreak kept the team working by always paying attention to covid-19 protocol. Team members are definitely healthy. Team members are also not observed to be indicated as being exposed to covid-19. Lingkar Institute found that although the current covid-19 outbreak is attacking, Sumatran tiger hunting activities still occur.

Tiger hunters actually take advantage of government and community that focuses on handling the covid-19 pandemic. Lingkar Institute recommends that the Sumatran tiger snare cleaning patrol should be carried out due to aggressive Sumatran tiger hunters in a number of forest areas in Bengkulu Province.

Patrol camp © Lingkar Institute

Currently the patrol team has returned from duty. The results of the patrol for five days found a prey snare, one snare that has not been installed. All of the snares were destroyed, the rest was taken as evidence.

Now the team has returned safely. So far, we thank God that the patrol team is in good health. We hope that support from the international community continues even though the world is currently under threat from the 19th plague.

May we always be given health, amen