Bike-A-Thon challenge for wild cats

By 2nd December 2020December 3rd, 2020News

Owen aged 6 at the start of his challenge in November 2020

A second young person has recently taken on a challenge for wild cats. This time Owen aged 6 from California who loves Amur tigers. Owen organised a bike-a-thon around his local green space 80 times in 30 minutes and has raised an astonishing $1465.

Owen and his mum were inspired to support conservation when they read about the amazing activities of WCS in the Russian Far East. The long term Siberian Tiger Project has been supported by our grants annually for 20 years funding the monitoring of tigers, Amur leopards, prey species and reducing human-wildlife conflict. You can see the currently funded work here.

A huge thank you to Owen and his family for this donation.