Please support your local zoo

By 25th February 2021News

Huge thanks go out around the world to our supporters.  The latest shout outs go to Wellington Zoo Trust (New Zealand), Sedgwick Country Zoo (United States of America)  Zoo de Sable d’Olonne (France), Woburn Safari Park, (United Kingdom) Tallinn Zoo (Estonia), Parc Zoo du Reynou (France) Parco Zoo Punta Verde (Italy) and Erie Zoological Society (United States of America) for donations to wild tigers and Amur leopards.

Each of these zoos has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Your local zoos have been closed during lockdown. Those around the world that are open are affected by low visitor numbers and travel restrictions. Loss of income can mean a lack of donations to WildCats, so don’t forget, when you can, please support your local zoo. If you can’t visit, why not make a donation yourself? Every pound, dollar and euro counts.

Zoos around the world do a fantastic job of inspiring and educating visitors about the natural world. Studies and research of these populations, especially in veterinary science, are often crucial to the survival of wild individuals. Zoos hold species as part of a global conservation breeding programme to maintain the genetics of species that may be threatened with extinction in the wild. Whilst we aim to do all we can to preserve populations of tigers and Amur leopards in their natural habitats, the preservation of genetic diversity in zoo populations is crucial. The Amur leopard reintroduction programme is a case in point.

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Amur leopard at Tallinn Zoo © Inari Leiman

Zoo conservation © Tal Chohan