Tiger conflict in Thailand

By 8th February 2022February 10th, 2022News

Conflict between tigers and people is a serious threat to the safety of wildlife and people. In Thailand, in February 2022, a series of tiger conflict incidents including the killing of local cattle, escalated as a villager was attacked. Freeland, working in the area with the Department of National Parks (DNP)  installed cameras to capture images of the tiger. What they discovered was shocking.

This young tiger is surviving on three legs and resorting to killing livestock kept illegally in the Khao Laem National Park. The assumption is that it was caught in a snare and the tiger managed to escape only after losing much of its leg.

The race is now on for a specialist team to provide assistance to the National Park rangers to avoid any more tiger conflict and rescue this animal as quickly as possible and provide veterinary treatment. 

It is unsure though, that this is the tiger that attacked the local cattle grazer who has reported, that three tigers attacked him. This suggests that there is more than one tiger in need of assistance in this area.  It was from this area that two poachers were recently arrested with the skins of two tigers.  Help us to support Freeland to halt this illegal poaching of endangered Indochinese tigers.

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