16 years of Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation funding WildCats

By 17th February 2022News

Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation making dreams come true for the 16th year!

WildCats Conservation Alliance is an initiative of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF). This means that we sit within the Conservation & Policy department of ZSL with support from Finance, HR, Legal and IT services. It also means we are the grateful recipients of an annual grant from DWF which pays for salaries and basic overheads.

Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation has been funding WildCats since 2006 and has been “partners” with ZSL since 2012. Despite ongoing COVID restrictions limiting visitor numbers, Dreamworld has still prioritised its support of wild tiger and Amur leopard conservation this year with a generous grant of £69,689.

In total, they have granted £734,981 for our operations costs and a further £650,000 to support Phoenix Fund and FFI in Kerinci making them our all-time top donor.

Due to this DFW grant, WildCats can donate 100% of all the other donations received to the chosen projects.

The WildCats team and ZSL are delighted to have been notified of the grant for 2022. Thank you DWF!