Zoos donate to conservation

By 21st June 2022June 30th, 2022News

Many zoos donate to conservation through WildCats Conservation Alliance.  As we head into the summer here in the UK, the WildCats team would like to acknowledge some of the latest donations we have received this year for wild tiger and Amur leopard conservation.  Modern zoos make a huge contribution to animal conservation. You can see how and also check out our table of all our Top Ten zoo donors so far this year!

Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation in Australia, not only partners with ZSL in the WildCats initiative and funds its essential administration costs, but it is also WildCats largest donor for the conservation projects having donated over £650,000 since 2002. This month we have received a donation for both of the WildCats core projects – in Kerinci Seblat National Park with FFI and for Phoenix Fund working across the Russian Far East.

Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Stuttgart, Germany, are also long-term donors to Sumatran tiger conservation and WildCats fifth largest donor. This year WildCats received £25,000 from our European colleagues. 

West Midlands Safari Park in the UK, has a dedicated team of keepers and educators who go the extra mile for wild tigers. As one of the park’s official conservation partners, WildCats was delighted to receive the most recent donation.

On the Italian Adriatic coast, Parco Zoo Punta Verde is a regular donor to WildCats. Despite being hit hard by COVID-19, the zoo managed to allocate €3,000 to tiger conservation. In total, the zoo, which holds Amur tigers from the European Zoos (EAZA) conservation breeding programme, has raised over £42,500.

Seoul Grand Park, in the Republic of Korea, has been donating to WildCats regularly since 2012 and recently donated €2,500 for Amur leopard conservation. South Korea was once part of the indigenous range for wild Amur leopards.

WildCats were delighted to receive its first donation from Taipei Zoo in 2022. The zoo, which reached its centenary in 2014 is committed to engaging with the general public in Taiwan and raising conservation awareness, and holds Sumatran tigers as members of the EAZA conservation breeding programme. 

Parc Animalier de la Barben in France and its Ecofaune Foundation is a great new supporter for Amur tigers that has donated €4,000 in the past two years!

The team at Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse New York, is another new donor to WildCats that has donated £1,200 so far in 2022 and we look forward to working together in the future.

Shepreth Wildlife Park and the Shrepeth Wildlife Conservation Charity in the UK, have been donating to WildCats since 2005 and have since donated over £51,000. We are very grateful for this continued support from one the UK’s smallest zoos.

Thank you all!