The best gifts are the ones that keep giving

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Since 2014, Selatan Giftware has donated nearly AU$86,000 to WildCats Conservation Alliance. To learn more about this incredible company we spoke with the owner and founder, Monique Counihan.

What is your background?

Selatan the tiger

Selatan the tiger

I am a zookeeper with a love for all wildlife, but hold a special place in my heart for tigers.

What is the inspiration behind Seletan?

Selatan was the very first tiger I ever worked with. She was my first and biggest challenge as a zookeeper. She really taught me how to care for tigers, and she is my inspiration and constant motivation, despite saying farewell to her in 2012. I truly felt a connection to Selatan and through her, I found a love for her species.

What made you choose to donate profits from sales to Sumatran tiger conservation projects?

I promised Selatan in her last days that I would do everything I could to help her wild cousins. So I created the business with a commitment to help financially support in-situ tiger conservation projects in Sumatra to fulfil my promise to her.

Have you created any special products for Global Tiger Day?

Our 2022 Global Tiger Day products are drink coasters. Four sets of 2 coasters each with a different tiger vibe. Relax with your fav beverage and dream of a planet where tigers are abundant and without threat!

What is your favourite tiger product you have created?

My favourite tiger product … great question! The OG tiger brooch is probably my sentimental favourite. Our 2019 Global Tiger Day hoodies were also a big hit … faux tiger fur lining the inside of the hood was a staple wardrobe item for the chilly winter here in Melbourne!

Monique Counihan

Monique Counihan