Meet Anna, first recipient of the WildCats Professional Development Award

By 9th May 2023May 31st, 2023News, WCS Russia

WildCats Conservation Alliance are delighted to announce the first recipient of the WildCats Professional Development Award as a legacy of the WildCats 2022 Year of the Tiger campaign.

Anna Klevtcova

Anna is a 32-year-old graduate from the Primorski region of Russia who studied geography in Russia followed by a master’s in Natural Resources in the USA in 2017 and is now embarking on a PhD in Interdisciplinary Ecology at the University of Florida. Anna has worked for Wildlife Conservation Society (Ano WCS) since 2018.

Anna will use her experience in geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial data analysis, together with social sciences in “an integrative social-ecological framework” ┬áto bring together social, natural and spatial factors to explore, understand and address Amur tiger poaching in the region. Her goal is to determine ways to reduce the extent of wildlife crime in the region and contribute to knowledge and understanding of this subject.

“I hope to develop strong professional competence in the field of human dimension in wildlife conservation. I hope to gain skills in managing scientific projects; conducting, coordinating and leading research and fieldworks; I hope to develop a professional network with peers and maintain interactions with people working in mine and adjacent fields and build strong leadership skills. I envision my future career path in Russia as a communicator who leverages social science methods to facilitate mutual understanding, trust and support between conservation science, government, academia, business and public in order to improve wildlife conservation practices at multiple levels.”

Anna Klevtcova

Watch this space for more updates from Anna as she continues her studies.

Anna Klevtcova recipient of the WildCats Professional Development Award wearing a black jumper and jeans standing in front of a dark background

This Professional Development Award aims to develop skills and knowledge within projects receiving funds from WildCats Conservation Alliance. The work undertaken, whether academic or practical must be of benefit to both the project where they work and their own personal career. The applicants are carefully chosen by a panel of experts and are expected to identify from the IUCN Global Register of Competences for Threatened Species Recovery Practitioners the relevant competencies they wish to develop.

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