A contemporary reimagining of William Blake’s poem, “Tyger Tyger”

By 21st March 2024Blog

In homage to International Forests Day and World Poetry Day, we present a contemporary reimagining of William Blake’s timeless poem, “Tyger Tyger.” This adaptation draws on the concept of creationism found in the original verses, creating poignant parallels with the reality of human actions as destructionists, adversely impacting the fate of tigers and the habitats they call home. As we delve into this modern rendition, we explore how our choices shape the destiny of these majestic creatures and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Tyger Tyger – A desperate Plight

Tyger, tyger, fades from might,
In shrinking forests, lost from sight;
What hands have scarred your noble grace,
And caused this frightening dwindling space?

In what distant lands and thorny trails,
Did humans steer their selfish sails?
What choices led to your decline,
What reckless hands, cut your timeline?

What tools were these, what callous scheme,
That shattered nature’s precious dream?
And what greed, what endless thirst,
Has robbed your lands and made them cursed?

Yet in our hands lies the power,
To change the course, this fateful hour.
With mindful choices, we can restore,
A realm for you, forevermore.


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