Why I support Amur leopards

By 24th April 2018News

We’re really happy to share this lovely donation story from Emmy Bullock (age 10, Hong Kong).   Not only did this awesome young lady raise money from organising a bake sale, she also took to Speakers Corner in Hong Kong to speak about why she supports Amur leopards.  We find it so inspiring to hear from young wildlife advocates. 

If you or your child are keen to find out more about how to fundraise for Amur leopards or wild tigers, check out our ‘Guide to Fundraising Success‘.

In the meanwhile, check out her speech below, or find out more about what we are doing to protect Amur leopards in the wild here.

“I am here to speak on behalf of the Leopards. I am here to give them the voice they don’t have. Right now there are only 35 Amur Leopards left in the whole world. These beautiful animals have been slaughtered for their coats.

Imagine you are leopard being hunted for your fur. Constantly under threat. Poaching is the cause of this awful plague of destruction that grips the earth. Poaching is tearing animals from it.

The result costs a leopard its life. The Amur Leopard is the 2nd most endangered species in the world. And the most endangered cat. If continue down this path we could lose yet another species and their blood will be on our hands.

By supporting NGOs like ALTA and WWF, who work tirelessly to help save these animals, you will be saving many leopard’s lives. Never buy leopard skin products. Never support this terrible trade. Never forget that these leopards are living creatures.

We can help these animals. Remember they are not rugs, they are not coats, they are leopards. They should be free.”




Why I support amur leopards