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Want the latest, most up to date Amur leopard information?

We get a lot of messages from keen young Amur leopard advocates, so thought it would be nice to start sharing small posts with you all in case you have similar questions.  Names have been removed for privacy.

“Hello, I’m a high school student using the Amur Leopard in a campaign assignment to spread awareness. With plans and strategies, what is currently being done for the Amur Leopards and would potentially a national park being made for Amur leopards with the clearance of threats in their natural habitat be the best way for the Amur Leopard population to continue  in the wild and their further reintroduction back into the wild.  what I am asking is what is currently being done to ensure this animals survival in the wild. and could a national park potentially work? Thank your taking time to read this email! Kind Regards.”

Thanks for reaching out, great to hear you’re working on an Amur leopard campaign.

The source Amur leopard population is made up of 4 nature reserves in Russia (Hunchan Nature Reserve crosses into northeast China); which since 2012 have been known as Land of the Leopard National Park.  You can read more and check out a couple of reports from our projects out there here; https://conservewildcats.org/portfolio/monitoring-amur-leopards-in-southwest-primorskii-krai-wcs-russia/.

Amur leopards are the only big cat to have been identified for reintroduction using animals from managed zoo populations.  Ex-situ,  off-show facilities have already been built and a reintroduction site has been identified in Lazovsky, where it is hoped that animals will be released to create a second source population, that in generations to come will be self-sustaining and genetically diverse.

You can read more on reintroduction on our website:  https://conservewildcats.org/resources/amur-leopard-facts/amur-leopard-reintroduction/




If you [SPOT] any gaps in our resources, please let us know.  We are slowly working our way through uploading years of conservation and science papers, as well as writing our own slightly less scientific fact sheets which you can find here. 

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