Amur leopard writing competition

By 10th July 2019News

Are you a fan of Amur leopards? Are you a budding writer or poet? If your answer to both of these is yes then here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss! Land of the Leopard National Park, home to the majority of wild Amur leopards, has launched the first international literary contest dedicated to the Amur leopard – ‘Spotted Hero’.

Work can be submitted in Russian or English and there are three age groups: Under 10 years, 11 to 17 years, and 18 years or older so it is open to all. There are also three categories for submission: ‘Fairy Tale’, ‘Essay, short story or Novella’ and ‘Poem or Song’. More information is provided here and entries must be submitted by 5th December 2019. We look forward to seeing your contributions, good luck!