Thank you Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation

By 26th February 2020Blog, News

WildCats is known for giving out grants to conservation projects, but it is also in receipt of an annual grant itself which pays for for salaries and basic overheads. Whilst WildCats is a part of the Zoologicial Society of London (ZSL) and sits within its Conservation & Policy department receiving support through Finance, HR, Legal and IT services, it has relied on this top-up grant for the past twelve years. Over this time we have Dreamword Wildlife Foundation (DWF) to thank for providing this money first as simply a donor but since 2012 as a partner with ZSL. 

DWF, based in Australia has granted over £618,000 to WildCats for its (and previously 21st Century Tiger) operations and another £619,000 to directly support field conservation programmes in Russia and Sumatra. Because of this grant that WildCats are able to donate 100% of all the other donations received to the chosen projects.

The WildCats team and ZSL are delighted to receive the most recent grant of £77,300 for 2020. Thank you DWF!


The WildCats team with Al Mucci and Chris Hibbard of DWF on a visit to London in 2019