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By 26th April 2021June 15th, 2023Amur leopard, News

Some great footage from Land of the Leopard National Park of an Amur leopard date earlier this month. These events usually occur when the female is in estrus, sprays her scent and a male seeks her out over a period of days. . This can happen at any time of year and if breeding is successful there could be a litter of cubs after 12 weeks.  Cubs are born in litters of 1-4 individuals, with an average litter size of just over 2. Cubs will stay with their mother for up to two years before becoming fully independent and are very vulnerable to threats during this time.

The animals have been identified as Leo 12M Typhoon, first spotted by the park’s cameras in 2014 and Leo 4F Beri also first spotted around the same time. If successful this may not be their first litter together.

Fingers crossed for a new litter to bolster this population as the Land of Leopard National Park moves into spring.

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Amur leopard date video copyright Land of the Leopard National Park

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