Environmental education and outreach 2003 – 07

Primorye in the South of the Russian Far East represents the only area in the world where both Siberian / Amur tigers and leopards still exist in the wild. In spite of a relative stabilisation of the tiger numbers, the striped predators still face many threats: they are being poached for their pelts; human encroachment, habitat destruction, and prey depletion drive tigers to human settlements and endanger lives of both man and tiger. To strengthen conservation of the Amur tigers, their habitat and prey and ensure long-term survival of the tigers in Primorye, Russian Far East, this Phoenix Fund project focuses on environmental education and outreach of the local people. 

This work supported

  • Tiger eco-centres in Primorye;
  • Tiger Day Festivals in cities of Primorye: Vladivostok, Luchegorsk, and Novopokrovka and Partizansk;
  • Environmental education activities in Partizansky district of Primorye;
  • Children’s art contests devoted to Amur tiger; 
  • Ecological education and outreach activities in Primorye;
  • Publication of calendars with tiger paintings by schoolchildren;
  •  “Journalists for Tiger Conservation” Contest. 

Saving the Amur tiger depends ultimately on the Russian people, especially those living within the tiger habitat. This requires the involvement of the public, which can be achieved through continuous ecological education and outreach activities in the region.